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The Flag Officer's School Exams


Flag Officers School - 101: Introduction to Flag Officer's School

In the 101 course level, you will learn about the expanded aspects of SFI not covered in the OTS and OCC exams.



Flag Officers School - 201: Chapter Dynamics (Essays)

Topics that will cover various dynamics within the Chapter level


Flag Officers School - 202: Regional Dynamics (Essays)

Topics that will cover various dynamics within the Regional level


Flag Officers School - 203: Fleet Dynamics (Essays)

Topics that will cover various dynamics within the Fleet level



Flag Officers School 300 Series

            The 300 series is unique in this school.  You the student can pick from any of the following “Positions of Notable Responsibility” within Fleet.  You will then submit a secondary topic to the Director, this topic would be a problem, real or fictional, that would need to be solved within the Position of Responsibility chosen.  You will use all of the available resources in SFI to help you solve this problem and where no references exist, you will use logic and common sense to solve the problem.  You will reference what sources you used in solving the problem or in the case where no reference exists, you will show how you came to that solution by describing your thinking process.

            Exams numbered 301-350 will be written from the perspective of the student and will have that student assuming a position of responsibility in SFI.  For the courses numbered from 351-399 the student will use any character from the Star Trek Universe (see restriction below), that character will exist in this world and be a member of SFI and will assume the role of Notable Responsibility chosen by the student.  There are no major restrictions on the selection of a character, although referencing their appearance in trekdom would be helpful, the only condition is that the being must have played out a role in a Star Trek TV show, movie or even The Animated Series.  Please no characters from books, magazines (including comic books) or other role play sources.

            The 301-350 exams are to be a minimum of 2 full pages (500 words) covering your problem and the solution.  The 351-399 exams are to be a minimum of 1 full page (300 words) covering your problem and the solution.  Each page will be no more than 1inch on the top/bottom and the left/right for the margins, you may use no more than double spaced lines and the font will be the Times New Roman with a point setting no larger than 12.  There are no time limits on any exam in this series or in the Flag Officers School as a whole.

            Below are your choices for the Positions of Notable Responsibility.  If you have questions on this series or on the Flag Officers School, please contact the Director or Assistant Director for assistance.  Also note, while not required, the student may wish to take the corresponding courses in the STARFLEET Officers Leadership College that reflects the essay exam requested.  This will serve to assist the student in being as familiar with the Positions of Notable Responsibility as possible.


301/351: Chapter President/Commanding Officer

302/352: Regional Coordinator

303/353: Judge Advocate General, STARFLEET

304/354: Inspector General, STARFLEET

305/355: SFMC Commandant/General Staff

306/356: Chief Financial Officer, STARFLEET

307/357: Chief of Computer Operations, STARFLEET

308/358: Chief of Shakedown Operations, STARFLEET

309/359: Commandant, STARFLEET Academy

310/360: Chief of Communications, STARFLEET

311/361: Chief of Operations, STARFLEET

312/362: Vice Commander, STARFLEET

313/363: Commander, STARFLEET

* Both documents are in Microsoft Word format.  Make sure the form toolbar has the document locked when selecting your course in the menu.


Manuals needed for the Flag Officers School Exams

All documents in pdf format

FOS Leadership

Essay Manual

*required for 101, 201, 202 & 203

Membership Handbook

2008 ed.


2008 ed.

Commander, Starfleet

Manual 2003 ed.


 Regional Coordinators

Manual 1998 ed.

Operations FAQ

 S.T.A.R.T. Manual

2007 ed.

M.O.M. Manual

2000 ed.


 Inspector General

Operations Manual

2004 ed.

Command Grade

Promotions Manual

International Conference

Bid Guidelines

2004 Ed.


Take your time and get the best score possible, good luck and God speed!